Reflexology is a very specific type of therapeutic massage that works directly with your body’s central nervous system. Using light touch on key points of your body, your reflexologist will gently stimulate your nervous system to relax you and enable your entire body to rest. This allows blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to return to your muscles, increasing toxin and waste removal from your cells.

Reflexology targets specific zones on your body that correspond to pressure points all over your body, but primarily on your feet. Stimulating the nerves and muscles in these areas can provide relief and healing to internal organs, muscles, and more. This non-invasive form of pain control and relief is favored by many as it is both gentle and effective

Because reflexology is a cumulative treatment, it is recommended you commit to at least six weeks of treatment to get the greatest benefit from your acupressure massage. After all, the goal of reflexology is reduce pain and improve blood circulation.

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